ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (408)

"What are you doing for Christmas break?" Adam asked. His college buddy replied, "I'm going home to my old ......... grounds for a couple of weeks. How about you?"
"Dad, why are you on strike?" Danny asked. His father explained, "Sometimes you have to take a ........., son. The company isn't paying us well, and my union is going to help us put an end to that."
"I'm going to tell her what you're doing. I'm not going to just stand ......... and watch you take advantage of such a nice person," Jared told Bobby.
"Are you going to keep quiet about the things that are going wrong here? You have to stick by your ........., and I'll stand by you," Helen encouraged Melissa.
"I don't know why some people in the army stand in ......... of high-ranking officers. They put on their pants the same way we do every morning," Corporal Stevens said to Specialist Thomas.
"I have to go to my dad's funeral on Tuesday. Can you stand ......... for me at work?" Chris asked Brian.
"I want to go to college in New York. Why are you standing in my .........? Why do you keep telling Dad I shouldn't be allowed to go?" Ellis asked his brother.
"Did you and Gina ever stop fighting and come to an agreement?" Billy asked. Phil replied, "No, we're in a Neither one of us will give in."
"I understand. Both of you are pretty obstinate. I'm not surprised that neither of you is willing to .........," Billy laughed.
"I'm sick of that bully always running me off the basketball court. Next time, I'm going to stand my ......... and refuse to leave," Davie said to Kyle.