ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (64)

"Gina just talks and talks, but she has nothing of substance or intelligence to say. Well, you know what they say — 'Empty vessels make the most .........,' " Cathy said to Frank.
"For all that talk about how good an idea he had, it sure didn't produce any results. I'm not surprised, though; most of his ideas end up in .........," Kristen said to Elsie.
"Well, Jim, you finally did something right. Don't let it go to your head, though. Even a blind ......... finds a nut once in a while," his boss warned him.
George thinks he is very smart because he got the right answer to the question, but in my opinion, he ......... and fell into it-- it was just chance that he picked the right option.
"Wow, Fred found the problem, even though he's not usually very competent. That just goes to show that even a broken ......... is right twice a day," the superintendent told his assistant.
He was glad that the embargo was over and the company was on even ......... again. It had been dicey for a while.
"Thanks for paying me the five bucks you owed me for dinner. We're even-......... now," Mark said to Kurt.
Jeff talked a lot about himself at our party last night-- how much he has accomplished, how much money he makes and how many trips he takes. Well, every ass likes to hear himself ..........
If you hadn't lost your old job, you never would have landed the one you have now. The hours and the pay are much better. It just goes to show that every ......... has a silver lining.
"You want to invite the Joneses, the Williamses and the Morehearts too? Too many people have been invited already! Are you going to invite everyone and their .........?" Melissa whined.