ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (292)

"Do you know where the dump is?" Kyle asked his roommate. He replied, "I don't know, right off-.......... You'll have to look it up."
Houses of ......... were built with much more creative craftsmanship than the ones today.
"Thank you for helping me get my new couch into my truck," Lisa said to the stranger. He replied, "Glad to be of ........., Ma'am," and walked off.
"My husband and I are of the ......... mind colors for a house. Since we will have to sell it eventually as we are still young, we believe neutral colors are the best for resale. That way, the new buyers can add any color they like after they buy the home and they won't be stuck with colors they may not like," Linda told Jasmine.
Their relationship had been ......... and on for the past six months. He was tired of the unpredictability and vowed to ask her to marry him or leave him.
"I am sorry that I was rude earlier. I am having an off .......... I have felt weird all day and have a headache. Once again, I apologize," Allen said to Alexis.
He was worried about his son. It wasn't like him to be off his .......... He usually ate like a pig and tonight he had barely touched his food.
"You are more than welcome to use any of my instruments while you are here except for the Les Paul guitar. That is off .........," Joshua said to his best friend.
"He sold his Les Paul guitar for $30? He must be off his .......... It is worth at least ten times that," Billy told Haley.
The broadcasting company was forced to take the show off the .......... After some obscene remarks on the show caused a flood of complaints from the public.