ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (186)

She liked Joe better than Will but he was such a .......... He hadn't offered to pay for her food and hadn't taken her on a date yet that cost him more than ten dollars.
"I just got ......... out by the boss for being late. He is so mean when he is angry," Mitch said to Beth.
"Changing a light switch is child's .......... You will have no trouble doing it yourself. You just have to deal with a couple of screws and connecting two wires," Bill told Marty.
"You can't believe that I stole your watch because your 6-year-old kid told you. He's making it up. I wouldn't do that," Rick said to Tom and Jeana. Jeana replied, "I do believe him. He doesn't lie and you know what they say — children and fools ......... the truth."
"This issue is between me and my wife. My wife told me that you agreed with her and would call and tell me so. Why are you ......... sides? Our disagreements are none of your business," Ben said to his best friend.
There wasn't anything else he could do for the time being. The suspect had clammed ......... and had asked for a lawyer. He couldn't question him anymore until the lawyer got there so he decided to get a cup of coffee.
Too many people had been stealing office supplies from the company. The manager didn't want to make it hard for people to get what they needed to do their job, but he had to find a way to ......... down on the problem.
I knew that if I didn't clean up my ........., I would get fired. The boss had already hinted that I was a step away from losing my job.
The guy used bad language loudly, insulted his date and was rude to the staff. He couldn't remember a time when he had been so glad about showing a customer the ..........
He would have to move to get another job. He had been ......... from his last job for stealing inventory and word got around fast in a small town.