ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (75)

"This company has come full .......... We started off broke, we got big and now we are broke again," the manager told his staff.
"That guy is full of ......... air. Every time I see him, he monopolizes my time by telling me how many great accomplishments he has achieved since he started at this company," Lilly told Jack.
"He is awfully ......... of himself today. He told me that thanks to him, this company was going to get rich and will get rich fast. I don't think that result will come about solely because of his work," Chris told Joe.
"Let Wes do it. He is full of piss and .......... I used to be the same way when I was his age but we are getting too old for this stuff, Max," Les told his friend.
"You are awfully full of the ......... of spring today. What are you so happy about? Did you win the lottery or something?" He asked his daughter.
He was happy that the company he started was in full ......... and just started to turn a profit.
"I will be there as soon as possible. I am going ......... throttle as we speak," the employee told his boss.
"Don't worry, son. My house will be done in the ......... of time. I am not worried about how long it is taking. I can afford to wait," his father told him.
"He thinks that spending a lot of money shows others that he has class but he is a ......... coat and no knickers kind of guy. He is rude, crass and presents himself horribly," Candice told Bethany.
"I think that is ......... thinking, Jack. The idea sounds good but the facts don't back it up. There is no support for it and no history of it working," the analyst said.