ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (331)

"Johnny is a likeable guy but I can trust him as far as I can ......... him. I have seen him at work and he is slightly dishonest when it comes to fixing people's cars. He cuts corners and fixes things that aren't broken. I figure that same mentality transfers over to other areas of his life," Bob said to Harry.
"My husband won't let me paint the deck a burnt-orange color but I am starting to wear him .......... I keep bothering him about it so I hope he will get so tired of it and become less opposed to the idea," Janet said to Aurora.
"Your brake pads are ......... out. You will need a new set in the front," the mechanic told Caleb.
"I always like to see Kyle but he has been here too long. He is starting to wear out his ......... by asking for too many favors. I want to see him get back on his feet but I am starting to get annoyed with him," Paul told Chris.
"I can tell that Bob has some say in the family but his wife definitely wears the .......... I have heard him ask her permission to buy things and to go out with his friends," Julianne said to Tina.
"The joke was funny the first time but it is starting to wear .......... He told me the same joke the last four times I have seen him," Jack said to Eric.
"My brother and I both told our parents we would help them move this weekend and now my brother has ......... out of it at the last minute. My dad has a bad back and my mother is a small woman so who do you think is going to be doing all the work?" Sean said to his girlfriend.
"My brother is a little overweight but he ......... it very well. It is evenly distributed throughout his body and with his ramrod-straight posture, he doesn't look bad at all," Alan said to Pat.
"I consider nice' to be a weasel ......... if it is used to describe something instead of someone. What does that term really tell you? Nothing," Jerry said to Chris.
"It is hard living with one income right now when we are used to having two. We have ......... worse so I know we will get through it but I hope my husband finds a job soon for many reasons," Wanda said to Kara.