ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (245)

"Karen is a great artist. If you ask her if she can paint well, she'll probably hide her ......... under a bushel and tell you that she is not very good. I think her art is good enough to hang in a gallery, though," Margaret said to Philip.
The police were searching for him in town and in the nearby areas. His plan was to hide ......... for a while in an abandoned mine and then try to sneak into Mexico.
"I searched for the drill you were looking for high and ......... and couldn't find it. I checked the shed, the garage, your truck, and your study," Zeke told his roommate.
Although practical jokes and the like are frowned upon by the drill sergeants, most soldiers have fond memories of the high ......... they were involved in during Basic Training.
He decided that he would ask for a raise that day at work. It was high ......... that the company started paying him a decent amount for his hard work and long hours.
He was disappointed to find out that his favorite hotel in Eureka, California doubled their rates for high .......... He had forgotten that the arrival of summer resulted in the arrival of higher prices in anticipation of tourists.
He decided to take his date to the high-......... restaurant overlooking the water. It had a beautiful garden area in the back that was currently in bloom and the summer breeze felt great on the patio.
He decided to break the bad news about the car repairs until after dinner. His wife just got home and looked very stressed out. She was always kind of high-......... after a day at the office but she looked even more so today.
"I am not able to authorize a raise for you but I will talk to one of the highers-......... about it and have an answer for you after lunch," the supervisor told Rick.
"The cops showed up at the graduation party and we had to ......... it out of there before they caught us drinking underage," Chris told Brian.