ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (262)

"If you wear my clothes again, I am going to knock the ......... out of you," Bob told his younger brother. His younger brother just wore his best suit to a football game and got mud all over it.
"Where am I? The hospital? I must have gotten knocked ......... in the crash. The last thing I remember is seeing a deer, swerving around it and then losing control of my car," Jenny said to her brother.
He felt confident that he could manage the company. He knew his ......... around the world of management and the company was already in a very good position.
"I hate the wait before a job interview. I always feel all tied up in .......... I guess everyone feels that way but it still isn't a good time," Jill said to Allison.
"You are going to promote Jack over me? It's OK. I know the .......... He has been here longer than I have and is the CEO's cousin," Jared said.
"Hi James, it's Lisa. I am calling about your brother. He just sits in his room drinking with the lights off every night. I have asked him what is wrong and why he is acting this way but he won't tell me. I don't know who else to ......... to for answers. Do you have any ideas?"
"Steve annoys me. He is such a .........-it-all. He is always trying to prove he knows more about everything even if he doesn't than everyone around him does," Kim said to Louisa.
"I don't want to belabor the ......... but we have to focus on finding a way to pay our rent. We can't go on to anything else until that is settled," Max said to Joe and Alex.
"Pat keeps laboring ......... the assumption that working hard will result in an early promotion. Little does he know, the boss will leave him in that position just because he will work hard at it and the boss needs a hard worker in that slot," Luke said to Barney.
James Bond is the tall-dark-and-handsome sort that women seem to like. In the movies, James Bond is a lady-......... who never gets rejected by a woman.