ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (305)

He helped his friend off the ground after he had been knocked down in the fight. His friend said, "Wow, I thought I could take that guy but apparently not. He sure can ......... a punch," and rubbed his face.
"Your friend told you that she saw me at the bar on Tuesday? That is a pack of .......... I had to work late and my boss can verify that," Eric told Sylvia.
"I can't come to your house to swim in your pool until later on today. I have some chores to do around the house and I have to ......... my kids off to summer camp," Nathan said to Mark.
"My mom is a total pack .......... She buys all these old things in the hope of making money off them when they are resold but she never gets rid of any of it. I don't think she has gotten rid of anything in her whole life," Jill said to Alice.
"Our camping trip was a nightmare. It even started out bad. Only one of us had a truck and we found out that the road to the campsite required a 4X4 vehicle. The rest of us left our cars at the entrance and tried to fit in the truck. We fit seven people in the cab of the truck. We were packed like ......... for at least an hour on that bumpy road," Jimmy told Joe and Lewis.
Several embarrassing stories have come to light about top managers in companies who ......... their expense bills to include mink coats for their wives, new cars, trips on yachts and many other things.
"You sure paint a ......... picture with all this talk of inevitable overpopulation and lack of resources. I don't agree with the idea that we will become overpopulated. Birth rates are going down in most countries," Bill said to a fellow college student during a cigarette break.
"Everyone pair ......... and choose a dance partner," the physical education teacher told the class.
"First, we are going to pair ......... and then play doubles," Billy told his friends around the pool table.
"I know that TV of yours needs a new picture tube so don't try and ......... it off on me. You will have to sell it to someone else," Chris said to John.