ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (290)

"Are you sure you don't mind helping move?" Christa asked Ryan. He replied, "No, not in the. .......... I would be glad to help."
"Will you take over driving my motorcycle?" Paul asked Chris. "No, not on your .......... Those things scare me and I am not qualified to drive one. I have never tried and it still doesn't sound like a good idea," he replied.
"I tried to talk to Suzy to see if she would go to the movies with us and she wouldn't give me the ......... of day. I'll have to see if I can find someone else that will go with me," Paul said to Chris.
"He told you that he had a lot of handyman experience? Don't hire him, James. I am telling you, he doesn't ......... the first thing about construction, fixing things, or operating tools," Kyle said.
"I love sushi. Do you?" Alison asked Brenda. "No," she replied. "I wouldn't touch sushi with a ten-foot .......... I can't stand raw fish."
"Are you feeling OK? How are you doing?" Chris asked Paul after Paul had broke his leg. "Not so .......... Right after I got back from the hospital, I got sick. Now I have the flu and a broken leg," he replied.
"I talked to your roommate and he said that I could have his bicycle. Can I take it right now?" The stranger asked. Matt replied, "Nothing .......... He didn't tell me anything about it and I have never spoken or seen you before."
"Did your boy play well in the basketball game on Saturday?" Paul's boss asked. He replied, "It was nothing ......... of perfection. He scored 24 points and even dunked one."
"Can I get you another rum and coke? You have been ......... that same drink for the past hour. Drink up! Final exams are over!" Jay said to Phil.
"I am looking forward to moving out. My roommate is a total ......... case. He honestly believes he is a vampire," George told his friend.