ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (126)

She couldn't help snidely saying "Look what the ......... dragged in!" when the presenter finally arrived 30 minutes after he was supposed to.
"I went to see the new horror movie with my boyfriend this weekend. It was so gory I almost lost my .......... I felt sick to my stomach for a good while after the film ended," Sally said to May.
"My best friend recently spent $5000 on clothes when she barely makes $1500 a month and is heavily in debt. That doesn't make any sense! I think she's ......... her marbles!" Justine told Carie.
The professor informed the students before the exam that if they were unable tosolve the more complex equations, they might still pass the test, since there was plenty of low-hanging ......... on the test.
When examining the possibility of turning a profit from currency exchange transactions, he came to the conclusion that he could make a ......... if he could obtain sufficient capital to start the business.
Earlier in the day, Jacob asked his dad to buy him a new Honda Accord for his 17th birthday. His father thought to himself, "What does the kid think? That I'm made of .........?"
Gina asked the insurance representative to update her on her case. He informed her that some of her records were in another department and weren't immediately accessible, but that he would make a(n) ......... and call her back as soon as possible.
Sara'smom said that she was going to go to the store to pick up some food for dinner, so Sara asked her, "Can I make a(n) .........? Can you buy me some vanilla ice cream while you're there?"
"How did the auction go? Did you get any good deals?" Sally asked Tim. Tim replied, "I got three couches and a bed for the price of one couch. I made out like a .........."
"I never figured Tom for someone who would make ......... around here. He seemed like the meeker type, someone who would follow directions without complaint and accept the way things are," Luke said to Beth.