ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (180)

The accountant called her almost immediately after she had found the fraud and offered to pay her $10,000 to look the ......... way. She turned him down but told him that if he redid the work, correctly, she wouldn't call the police, she would just force him to resign.
"Tim told me that he had fixed my gutters but I am not ......... that. I looked at them and they are still falling off in some places and aren't sealed to the house anymore. I am not going to take his work as a monthly payment for the car loan," Sam told his mom. She understood how Sam's brother Tim could be.
"I have plenty of money for retirement. I owned a 35 percent interest in a computer manufacturing company and, about five years ago, the board of directors decided to ......... me out. I got quite a bit for that," Jeff told his best friend from college.
"I wanted to sell my house to the Watsons but they only offered me $100,000. That is not enough money. Not by a long .......... The place is worth at least twice that," Jim told his neighbors.
"I was the one who pitched the last inning and struck the last batter out. We were ahead by one point but the other team had three people on base and had one more person up to bat. I pitched two balls and he swung at both. I threw a fastball straight across the plate and the last batter missed it by a .......... Game over." Luke told his mom who missed the game due to work.
"I have to get my car door fixed immediately. It is hanging by a ......... and will fall off any time now," Craig told his girlfriend.
"We want to come stay with you but we don't want to be a burden," Lisa said to her mom. Her mom replied, "You are never a burden. By all ........., come stay with me as long as you want."
"I can't believe I lost that game. By all ........., I should have won the chess game after I took your queen," Jake said to Bethany.
"In my opinion, The Gladiator is the best movie ever made, by .........," Ricky told Shannon.
"I can turn on the furnace if you are cold. However, it works in fits and ........., so it may take a while to warm the room. It will work for a few minutes and then shut off for no apparent reason. It does this all day long. I don't get it," Linda said to her guests.