ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (380)

"I went to the school of hard .......... I grew up with a single mom who worked all the time; she had two jobs, so I had to take care of my two sisters and look after the house," Kyle said to Ellis.
"I just found a transmission in the junk yard for my car that only cost $100. I put it in, and it works great. Talk about a major .........!" Al exclaimed to Nick.
"Jim, I don't have an extra alternator for your car at the moment, but I'm going to the junk yard today. I'll ......... around for one for you while I'm there," Alex said over the phone.
"Dad told me that you might get expelled from college for cheating. You got yourself into a heck of a ......... this time, brother," Ian said to Todd.
"All of the workers we've got on this job are dumb and lazy. We're really scraping the bottom of the ......... with this group. We need to raise our standards," Will told Frank.
"I just got an offer from a hotel in Reno claiming that if we scrape ......... $100, we can get three nights' lodging and six free meals. We should do it," Lyle said to Henrietta.
"I was thinking that if you could give me good prices on lumber in the future, I could give you a good deal on electrical wiring. You scratch my ......... and I'll scratch yours, and we can save each other a lot of money," Sam said to Ron.
"Your sister sometimes makes you angry, doesn't she?" Lilly asked. Sarah replied," You didn't even scratch the ......... with that comment. She constantly infuriates me and always has!"
"If you tickle me anymore, I'll scream bloody ........., and Momma will ground you for a week," Jillian warned her older brother.
"I've watched you two for the past ten minutes, and neither of you have done any work at all. You need to stop ......... around and get something done," the boss told Ron and Jim.