ESL, Средно ниво

Real Life: Habitats (1)

In order to survive, animals need to be able to find water, food and ......... within any given habitat.
An ......... habitat is a man-made environment that tries to imitate a natural habitat.
A ......... habitat is characterized by hot, dry temperatures with very little rainfall. Sometimes, these areas contain a lot of sand and, sometimes, they are mountainous but rather barren compared to other, wetter habitats because not many plants can survive in these extreme, arid conditions.
A ......... habitat is made up of many different, lush trees and tree layers and this kind of environment gets a lot of rain. Many different kinds of plants grow well in this habitat and it contains many different kinds of animal species such as monkeys and exotic birds.
The ......... has a very, short cultivation season and very dark, long, cold winters. There is very little rain in this kind of habitat but there is snow on the ground for a larger part of any given year.
A ......... habitat is largely made up of large, expansive, flat areas where farmers can cultivate a lot of grains etc. There is a moderate amount of rainfall in these areas but seasonal droughts are experienced at times.
A ......... habitat is made up of mostly trees and various kinds of vegetation. These wooded areas are found all over the world and rainfall occurs evenly throughout any given year. Deer, rodents and bears are just some of animals that live in this kind of habitat.
......... habitats span more than 75% of the world's surface area and are made up of mostly salt water conditions. There are many different kinds of plants and animals that live in these kinds of habitats.
A ......... is a man-made habitat that attempts to mimic habitats found in nature. Animals are confined to certain areas and put on display for the public in this kind of habitat.
An ......... habitat is a very, cold place in the northern hemisphere. Snow covers the ground for most of any given year and very little vegetation is able to grow in such cold, extreme conditions.