ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (189)

My first home needed a lot of repairs. My best friend really ......... through for me and helped me for two days on the repairs.
She was knocked unconscious during the crash. When she came to her ........., she was in the hospital with her family all around her.
A good history teacher can make history come to ......... for his or her students.
"Do you know of any nurseries in this town that have a good selection of succulents?" Chris asked his grandma. "Nothing comes to .......... I haven't seen many of them in the nurseries here," she replied.
His dreams of becoming a professional long-distance runner did not come to .......... He broke his ankle skateboarding and it didn't heal right. He could still run, but not for very long distances.
"I have nothing to worry about. I have engineered this so that if the plan were ever discovered, it would look like you did all of it. I will come up smelling like ......... and you will go to jail," Rick said to Tim.
"I heard Larry got arrested for hitting his wife and kid. I hope he gets what's ......... to him," Tom said to Lukas.
"I have been so busy with work, school, and volunteering, I don't know if I am ......... or going anymore," Bill said to Christian.
"Bill acts like his car is so cool. It's a Honda Civic, for goodness sake. That kind of car is as ......... as an old shoe," Wes said to Billy.
"Jack? He is the epitome of a ......... man. He is an hourly worker but often stays longer at night and comes in on weekends to help out with things after his tasks are complete," Chris said to Justine.