ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (343)

"I gave up on trying to hang out with Jimmy. He never puts any effort into our relationship," Hillary said to Natasha. She responded, "I know what you mean. I ......... him off after he didn't return my calls. I am sure if I called him and got a hold of him he would want to hang out on his terms but that doesn't work for me."
"I can't believe it; I got written ......... for speeding again. If it happens again, I might lose my license," Alice told Lacy.
"The play was a complete write-......... the acting was poor and the story was dumb," Jean said to Ed.
"There is definitely something wrong with your plumbing. Something is ......... up the works. I would recommend calling a plumber," George told his friend.
"I am sorry I am late for work today, Boss. There was a ......... jam on the freeway and I was stuck in it for 40 minutes," Ron said.
"I can't seem to get this essay completed. I have had ......... block for the past four hours and I can't seem to break through it and think of anything to write," Kyle said to his roommate.
"Do you mind if I use your computer to finish making these notes? I have writers ......... in my right hand really badly," Dan said to Hans.
"Can you believe that my mom won't let me date Frank because she says he's from the wrong side of the .........? Who cares if he is poor and doesn't live in a nice area? That doesn't say anything to me about who he is. She just said I would understand when I am older and have kids of my own," Clarissa said to Winter.
"I have been trying to get a hold of Hank but it has been in .......... He never seems to be home. Have you been able to reach him?" Abbey asked her sister.
"There is so much talk about family ......... these days. What do people actually mean when they bring that topic up?" Bill asked Adam.