ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (230)

"It is hard to watch a paycheck go up in .......... I just got paid two days ago and I am already broke. I only bought two pairs of pants and the money is already gone," Tina said to Grace.
"I am not sure yet where I am going to move, Mom. It is kind of up in the ......... right now. I have to decide which job offer I want to pursue and the job offers are all in different cities," Gracie told her.
"We forgot to bring food on our camping trip and had to ......... without food for two days. I lost some weight, though," Tom told his wife when she asked about the men's' camping trip.
"Of course you were supposed to sweep all the dirt off the deck before painting it, Jim! That goes without .......... Now the paint will peel up and it looks bad," Simon said to his teenage son.
"I have been busy the last couple of weeks being the go-......... for my brother and his soon-to-be ex-wife. Whenever each of them wants to give the other a message, guess who the call to relay the message? It is very annoying but I understand that they are not getting along right now and are not yet on speaking terms," Irma told her best friend Jacky.
"My sister's kid had a full scholarship to Harvard University and decided to start a landscaping company instead. Only ......... knows why. I can't understand why he would pass up such a good opportunity to be set for life," Maxine told Larissa.
"I am moving about six hours away with my best friend to go to school. I know you want me to stay in this town but that isn't the best option for me. God ......... I find my own life away from you two," Rick told his parents on his 18th birthday.
"I like Steve. He is a real go-.......... He is always motivated and always finds his own people to pitch our product to. I never have to hold his hand; he always makes it happen on his own," Bill said to his boss.
"My husband is always out on the course with his friends playing golf on the weekends. When I married him, he didn't even like golf. I never thought I would become a golf .........," Lilly told Sylvia.
When he was a teenager, he left home as much as possible because it was too much of a ......... bowl for his taste. Everything he said and did could be seen and examined at anytime.