ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (229)

"I need to take tomorrow off, Boss. My brother is going to family court for custody of his two kids and he has asked me to go to ......... for him. I have to testify that he is a good guy and a hard worker," Bill said.
"Matt and I were planning to get married in March but I just told him I couldn't go ......... with it. I just can't see myself spending the rest of my life with him," May said to Gracie.
"My next door neighbor used to have an award-winning garden but she let it go to ......... when her husband passed away," Irma told her mother.
"You are not going to go anywhere with your friends until your grades have improved and your chores are regularly done. Listen to what I am saying because I mean .........," Lukas's mother told him.
"My good friend Keenan just got arrested for stealing others' property for drug money. It just goes to ......... that drugs aren't fun and make people do bad things," Nathan told his parents.
"I need you to take down this old shed, Jim," Nathan said. Jim asked," Is it OK with you if I use a sledgehammer and break it apart that way?" Nathan replied, "That is fine with me. You have my permission to go to ......... on it with the sledgehammer or anything else you want to use."
At Humboldt State University, there is a competition for new businesses that offers a prize of $25,000 in ......... money to help the winning business get started.
"I am happy that you are going to use that scholarship and go to school. Don't let the opportunity go to ......... by partying and neglecting your studies in order to chase girls," Ben's mom told him.
"What you just said about inflation kind of goes ......... with what we were talking about earlier the more money present in an economy, the less that money is worth, and vice versa," Max said to a fellow economics student.
"Life isn't going that well for me right now. My wife and I are having problems, my business is about to go ........., and my teenagers act like they don't want to talk to me anymore," Vince told his brother over the phone.