ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (289)

"If you have a problem, you must go to your supervisor for resolution. On no ......... are you to ever go to the main manager with a problem unless the problem is with your supervisor," the trainer told the new employees.
"You are getting too old to be carrying all that dirt into the garden," Maude told Wanda. Wanda replied, "You pick up your own soil and you're no ......... chicken yourself."
"I think that the cashier at Rays Supermarket is a mental case. I looked into his eyes and there was nobody .......... He is more like a robot than a person," Jill said to Louisa.
"You might be able to trick Alex into buying your bike with that crack in the gooseneck but you won't be able to trick his older brother into it. His older brother is ......... fool and he will beat you up if you try and trick his little brother," Matt said to Jimmy.
"I am going to ......... around in the succulent isle for a little while and I will meet you in the perennial section of the nursery in five minutes," Chris said to Linda.
"I am not going to go to the party tonight. I am a little self-conscious at the moment about this lump on my head. I got knocked in the ......... by a baseball today and I have a huge bump on my forehead," Bill said to Jessica.
"After I got hit in the head with the baseball, a ......... egg formed that was so large I couldn't get my hat to fit over it," Bill told his mom.
"My son loves to read. Almost every time I see him, he's got his ......... in a book," Lisa told Suzy.
"Do you mind if I borrow your lawn mower for a few minutes?" Craig asked David. David replied, "No, not by any ..........You are welcome to it."
"Did Matt find the problem with your TV?" Jeff asked Bill. Bill replied, "No, not by a long .......... He said he fixed it but the screen is still black. When I asked him about it he said it would work later. Of course it hasn't."