ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (393)

"I think Alex is ready to go out on the job by himself. We need to know whether he will sink or .........," his supervisor said to the boss.
"Kevin, stop taking company property! I'm not going to sit ......... and watch you ruin our chances of getting new tools because the company has to spend its money replacing what you've stolen," Bob said.
"Are you going to join us for this game of badminton?" Ken asked. Jay replied, "No, I think I'm going to sit this one .......... My shoulder's a little sore."
"Look, I need a straight answer from each of you. No one can sit on the .......... I need a final consensus in two minutes," Jamison told his team.
"You aren't going to make me sit ......... another boring game of cards with your parents, are you? Can't we do something else this time?" Kevin asked his wife.
"Sergeant, have you found out if I can get a pass for this weekend?" Private Thompson asked. Sergeant Kreg replied, "I'm going to see the First Sergeant in a few minutes. Just sit ........., and I'll have the answer for you very soon."
"I'm so tired. My son had a stomachache last night, and I had to sit up ......... him all night. He was constantly throwing up. It was horrible," May said to Jenny.
"My boss told me that I should work faster and that I don't have to do it so accurately. However, that doesn't sit ......... with me. Any job that's worth doing is worth doing right," Bill told his wife.
"It's been a long time since we had a moment away from the kids together. Why don't we hire a ......... on Friday and go out for dinner and a show?" Lewis asked Mary.
The Israelis and the Palestinians are at last negotiating. Talking is the first step to resolution, but both groups are still sitting on a(n) ......... keg. Until they come to a lasting agreement, war is still only one step away.