ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (252)

"We only encourage actions that are in ......... with the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. Our representative did not act in that manner and, for that, we apologize. We are going to credit your account for the whole amount, not just for the payment you sent in. Your debt is paid in full now, Mrs. Elbert," the manager told her.
"Let me check to see if we have a size 13 in that particular shoe. We do; you are in .........," the representative told Tom.
"The mechanics over by the mall are very good. I expected my repairs to take several hours but they had everything done in ......... flat. I think I was out of there in about a half-hour," Phil said to Ashley.
"With the two of us working on the alternator belt, we'll have it done in no .........," Paul told Chris.
"I am here on ......... of my wife. She ordered some products from your company and has not received them. I am wondering if you can tell me when she will receive her purchase," Don said to the receptionist.
"I have been trying to follow the presidential election but I am unable to find out where each candidate stands on the important issues. It really sticks in my ......... that the candidates spend more time refuting each other's allegations than they do defining where they stand," Mary said to Eleanor.
"I always hoped that my son would follow in my ......... and become a doctor like me. He chose, instead, to become an ecologist," Brian told his buddy.
"In my mind's ........., downloading music for free on the Internet is the same as physically stealing something. The songs cost money — you didn't pay for them — but now you have them," Bette said to Wanda.
"Mr. Ellis sold his farm to move into Oxnard, California. No one in their ......... mind, in my opinion, would move from a nice piece of land to that awful place," Justin said to Raquel.
"No one understood what you meant. I know that you think it made sense but it was very ambiguous. Speak in plain ......... next time and you won't have to worry about people taking things the wrong way as much," Lilly told Ken.