ESL, Средно ниво

Personal Hygiene Items (1)

......... is used to wash and clean body parts and hands on a regular basis. Sometimes, it comes in bar form and it also comes in bottles with pumps.
Men and women use ......... to shave off unwanted hair. These tools have sharp blades on them that are used to cut away hair.
Mary uses a toothbrush and dental ......... to keep her teeth clean and to prevent cavities. This is coated string that is used to remove food that is caught between teeth.
After a shower or bath, people often wrap themselves in a big, warm, dry .......... This material helps wipe away and absorb water on the body.
If you really want to keep your teeth clean and cavity-free, you have to use tooth ......... on your toothbrush. This is a gloppy, creamy substance that is usually squished out of a tube and put onto a toothbrush.
People often use nail ......... when they want to trim their finger and toe nails. This is a tool that is used when people want to keep their nails short and tidy.
......... is a hair cleansing product. This usually comes in a thick, liquid form that is squeezed or pushed out of a bottle. Many women buy really expensive hair products.
......... is used on the hair after shampooing. This is a hair product that keeps the hair soft and shiny and is supposed to put moisturizing agents back into the hair once it is thoroughly cleansed and rinsed with water.
A ......... is a porous mass of fiber that is found in the sea. This item is used in the home for cleaning purposes.
A bath ......... is a rubber-type, flat object that is placed in a bathtub or on a bathroom floor in order to prevent slipping or sliding accidents. This flat surface provides traction in wet, slippery environments.