ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (444)

"I got such a good deal on this business! I bought it lock, stock, and ......... for a little under $20,000. It came fully equipped and has a good name in this community," Jack said to Chris.
"I'm sorry, Dad. We didn't mean to break your big flowerpot out front. We were just ......... around and Jay ran into it by accident," Billy apologized.
"Let's ask Todd the name of that movie we went to see in 8th grade. He has a ......... like an elephant," Kyle said to Dan.
"If you keep talking about my brother in that way, I'm going to boot you over the .........!" Willy said to Bart.
"We haven't gone out as a group for a while. Why don't we all get together and paint the town ......... tonight?" Lilly said to the girls.
"Are we ready to start pumping the oil out?" Ben asked. Harry replied, "Yes. All systems are ......... and the engines are warmed up."
"I have to go to bed, guys. I need my ......... sleep," Jane told her beaux.
"The plan to redo the ceiling with paneling seemed good at the time, but it ......... up in my face. When I got the sheets home, I couldn't figure out how to arrange them attractively," Chris told Tony.
"I'm proud of my son. He was very scared at the beginning of our rafting trip, but he ......... it out. He made it all the way down the river without crying or complaining. I think it may have helped him get over his fear of water," Luke said.
"I don't want to stay in the tent all day or walk around in the rain. Why don't we ......... camp and head home a day early?" Jasmine asked Steve.