ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (67)

"Boy, after he messed up the accounting books, he sure fell from .......... The boss doesn't even seem to notice him anymore and he never gets any good projects. He used to be the boss's favorite," Lisa said to Shawna.
"You don't buy that lame story, do you? She is obviously lying to you. How can you not see that? Did you just fall off a turnip ........., or something?" His best friend asked.
She could tell that he had ......... off the wagon again. He smelled of whiskey and was obviously having a hard time keeping his balance.
His best friend seemed to be close to losing his house but he had a history of falling on his ......... so he might be able to figure out a way to keep it.
"Well, Morgan resigned. He decided to fall on his ......... and resign rather than try to lie his way out of it. If he had lied, I would have called the police," the boss told her assistant.
"Why don't you come out drinking tonight, boss?" the customer service employee asked. "I am not going to go because a manager shouldn't hang out with his employees too much for many reasons. One is that familiarity breeds .........," the boss replied.
"The chess team from the other school said that they will have no problem beating us on Friday. Famous ......... words!" The team captain said to the team.
"The opponent came on fast and ......... but I was able to beat him in the last match," the badminton player told her coach.
"Did you read about that banker who got caught stealing at our competitor's bank? He was one of the fat ......... in the loans and mortgages department. I guess he was embezzling funds for quite some time," Mark said to Luke.
"He thinks he will beat me at chess this weekend? Well, ......... chance!" Adam told Ashley.