ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (256)

"I thought it would be very difficult to build a garden bench but it is a .......... if you have the proper tools and a good set of plans," Ryan said to Jesse.
"I hate how all hotels and restaurants ......... up their prices around holidays or events. I can't find an inexpensive hotel anywhere around where we are going because we just happen to be going on our trip on Labor Day weekend," Dan told his friend.
"I can't wait for the next-door neighbors to finish their renovations. It really ......... on my nerves early in the morning. That is one of the few downsides of working from home neighborhood noise can have a big effect on your working conditions," Matt said to Ralph.
"When the manager told us he was quitting his finance job to open a glass-blowing shop my jaw .......... I don't think I have been that surprised about anything. I can't see him blowing glass I don't see him caring about art period," Thelma said to Bethany.
"I really like all of the renovations you two have done to your place. You really jazzed ......... the place," Beth said to Chris and Linda.
"I don't know why the Smith's don't tear down that jury-......... shed on the back of their place and build a new one. Everything else in their yard is clean and new but the shed. The shed is lopsided and looks like someone built it in about 15 minutes," Adam said to Lucy.
"We aren't getting a Christmas bonus this year? Are you serious or are you trying to ......... my chain? When and where did you hear that?" Craig asked Lynn.
"We need someone who is hardworking every day not someone who is going to ......... on his or her shovel all the time. The job entails: moving merchandise off of the truck, stocking the warehouse shelves and stocking the shelves inside the store, among other things," the hiring manager told Jack.
"We have a deal! I am going to need your John ......... on the contract and a few other forms and then you can take the new car," Jill said to the buyers.
"If you don't give all of my money back and a new product I am going to sue you!" The angry customer said. Jay responded, "Now hold your .......... We can't give you both. Choose one or the other."