ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (177)

"I'm sorry I'm late. My car ......... down again. I'm getting it fixed tomorrow. This time, it kept overheating," Wes told his boss.
"I heard from Tim that you broke ......... your engagement with Jane. What happened?" his mom asked him.
"She left because she doesn't want to be around Doug. He ......... her heart by dating her cousin without telling her. She really loved him, but now she can't stand him," Laurie told Linda when she asked why Kim abruptly left the party.
"I don't want to see you standing on the top of that ladder anymore. You almost tipped it over just now. It isn't safe to stand up there. You could ......... your neck!" his wife yelled at him.
"I can't trust you anymore. You promised me that you would help me move, but you ......... your word. I had to do everything myself because I couldn't find anyone else," Nate told Brent.
He had it made. He won a full sports scholarship to Harvard after breaking the ......... for the marathon.
We've seen many ......... in computer technology in our lifetime. Computers used to take up entire rooms, butnow the computers in our cell phones are more powerful than those room-sized computers used to be.
"Can you please call your sister? She's really broken ......... about your cousin dying. I think she needs to talk to someone that cares," her mom told her.
He'd always wanted to be a public servant so that he could ......... about change. He thought that there were a lot of good things about society, buthe just wanted to improve whatever he could.
"I don't like Jack that much. He's such a ......... around the boss. Any time we talk over ideas, he backs the boss automatically and gets all confrontational," Luke complained to Elsie.