ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (304)

"Has anything important happened in the news in the past while? I am kind of out of ......... with current events due to a massive amount of school work," Dan asked his mom.
"You need to fix your guitar. It is way out of .........," the drummer said to the guitar player during the concert.
"Bill is annoying. He always speaks out of .......... He constantly interrupted everyone at the party and cut them off if they were answering one of his questions," Janice said to Tim.
People in America used to look down on women if they had a child out of .......... Now, it is not uncommon, in the least, and people are much less judgmental these days.
"Do you have a drill that I can borrow? Mine is out of ......... at the moment. It won't hold the bit tight when it's in use," Jack said to Phil.
"Beth sure seems to be off in outer ......... today. She is just looking off into nowhere and has asked me to repeat some of my questions several times today. She just looks unfocused," Jack said to Ron.
"I am glad the building of that shed is over and ......... with. That was hard work," Lucy said to Derrick.
"I understand a little about auto mechanics but the speech from the mechanic about the problem with my fuel-injection system went over my .........," Larry told his wife when she asked if he understood what the problem was.
"Jay, they are going to find out that you broke the window. There were lots of kids outside at recess when it happened. You might as well ......... up to it and take your punishment before it gets worse," Johnny told his friend.
"I guess you are right. If I ......... up to it before I am caught, I'll probably receive less punishment," Jay said to Johnny.