ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (335)

"We are not going out anymore. When did we break up? It was a while .........; must be about a month now," Greg told his brother when he asked how Amy was doing.
"Where is the exit? Oh, we passed it a ......... back. I am sorry, I should have told you. I got caught up in the conversation and forgot to pay attention," Fred said to Amos.
"We can't go to Aaron's house without eating dinner first. Let me just ......... something up and we will eat quickly and go. It will only take a minute," Sally said to Ian.
"If he keeps yelling at me, I am going to quit. I don't deserve the abuse. I work hard and my work is good. I am not going to be the boss's ......... boy for any amount of money," Grant said to Randall.
He told the judge that he would be a gangster for life. He started whistling a different ......... when the judge gave him a five-year sentence.
"Tommy told me that if the boss ever spoke to him like that, he would quit or tell him off. I think he's just whistling in the .......... I have heard the boss criticize him before and he gets very meek and polite," Joshua told Hank.
"Your computer is broken? Let's call my friend David. He is a ......... at fixing computers," Kyle said to Elizabeth.
"I am sorry, I can't make it for dinner after all. I have been feeling sick all day," Allison said to Marcie. Bill said, "Allison, you have been feeling fine all day. Why did you tell them you were sick?" Allison replied, "I didn't feel like going after I found out Greg was coming. I couldn't tell Marcie that because she likes him. It's no big deal; it's just a little ......... lie."
Some college students in our town believe that the Bush administration is trying to ......... the amount of soldiers who have really died in Iraq.
"You boys are getting too rowdy to play in the house. Why don't you go whoop it ......... outside?" Al said to Josh and Braden.