ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (234)

"My son was in this heavy metal phase for a while so all of his clothes were black and he only listened to hard, heavy metal. He finally grew ......... of it and is dressing more like a normal person and he now listens to different kinds of music," Jeff told his friend.
"I am leaving the fraternity. It is time for me to ......... up and take school more seriously. Life is more than a party," Jake told his sister.
"When a company goes from a relatively small company to a large one quickly, it is not uncommon for the company to experience growing .......... Some examples are: a breakdown in communication between different departments and a difference in goals, standards, and methods between different parts of a company," the Management instructor told the class.
"I am still mad about you beating me in chess by checkmating me with a pawn. I am ......... for you now. We need to play a game soon so I can return the favor," Mark told Derrick.
"Did you beat Derrick in chess the second game?" Marcie asked. Mark said, "No. He beat the ......... off me. It wasn't even a challenge. He is much better than me."
"I accused Max and his team in the meeting of being behind schedule and he stood up and said I was flat-out wrong to my face. It must have been hard to tell that to the regional manager. He's got ........., I'll say that for him," Mr. Silas said to his boss.
"I know that housing market looks great for sellers right now but my gut ......... tells me that the market is going to change soon. Sellers have been receiving artificially high prices for their houses for too long. I wouldn't recommend investing in housing right now," the financial analyst told Mr. Whitaker.
"I am sorry that I turned off the horror movie you all were watching. It was just a gut ......... to the gory scenes. I am going to start it again and go do something else," Mary told the group.
"It is almost 10 o'clock. You had ......... get home so that you don't get in trouble for being out past your curfew," Johnny told Bobby.
"I am from a little town in Wisconsin. Where do you ......... from? I am going to take a guess. Your accent, to me, sounds like North Dakota," Jane said to Gracie.