ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (157)

"I can't go to the concert with you guys. I am as ......... as a church mouse and have to buy my college textbooks this week," Sam told Christian and Bart.
"I heard you ......... the question. Did she say yes? If so, when are you getting married?" Matt's best friend asked.
Many politicians have been criticized for their ......... barrel politics. It is not good when a trusted official abuses that trust by attempting to make money at the public's expense.
"You are calling me a liar? That is the worst case of the ......... calling the kettle black that I have heard in a good while. How many times have you lied about not having the rent or doing chores?" Nate asked his roommate.
"Jeanna, can you order me a Coke if the waitress comes over here and I am gone? I am going to ......... my nose and will be right back," Lisa said.
"The powers that ......... have made it clear that we are not to discuss the case with anyone — including our families," Lieutenant James said to the other cops.
He decided to play a ......... joke on his friend. He, when his friend wasn't looking, took his army hat and flipped his friend's rank upside down so he would get yelled at when he went outside by a drill sergeant.
"You are always telling your son not to drink too much but here you are drunk — again. You need to start practicing what you .........," Diana said to James.
"Why do you keep trying to convince us that the Democratic party is the right one to vote for? We are Democrats. You are preaching to the .........," Janis said to Tom.
"I am so proud of you for having the presence of ......... to go into our house while it was burning and grab our important papers and money," Mrs. Williams said to Mr. Williams.