ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (178)

"That was the most unproductive meeting I have been to. Any time we tried to ask the presenter a question, she ......... it aside and kept on with her presentation. I am so confused on so many things," Beth told Lukas.
"Mom! Come here for a moment. Look at this cool rock I found. If you brush ......... the dirt a little bit, you can see that it has lots of little crystals on it," Jeff said.
"I know that you are sad that your girlfriend moved away but you have to brush it ......... and keep studying. Your grades are going down and you don't want to get kicked out of college," Dirk's brother said to him.
"You can't let that bully keep pushing you around. You are going to have to ......... up and fight back so that he and everyone else knows that you can't be picked on," George's dad told him when he got home from school and told his dad what had happened.
"I know that I should sell my car. It is constantly breaking down and leaving me stranded. It is also costing me a lot of money. However, I have a really fond feeling for that old ......... of bolts," Chris told Steve.
"My son is a hard worker once he gets started on a job. However, one has to ......... under him to get him to get off the coach, put away the video games, and do some work," Larry told Bill.
"The ground is not level on that side. We have to ......... it up on that side before we build the deck floor so that the deck will be level," Mark said to Lewis.
"I don't have a lot of money but I don't want to stay in the apartment all day. Why don't we go bum ......... the beach for a while?" Matt asked Brandon.
"I am sorry. I can't loan you twenty dollars. I have been ......... too many times by people telling me that they will pay me back and then never doing so. It has hurt a lot of my friendships in the past," Luke said to Jacob.
He was embarrassed. He had promised to barbecue food for everyone at the party. He had put all of the meat he had on the barbecue and, then, he got into a conversation with a friend about the housing market. He forgot all about the food and when he finally went to check on it, he found that all of the meat was burned to a .......... Now there was nothing to feed the guests.