ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (271)

The politician was getting hammered in the press for lining his ......... while in office. He had apparently awarded large contracts to certain firms in return for some very large personal fees.
"I wish you could have seen my best friend's daughter on Christmas morning when I gave her a new tricycle. She lit up like a Christmas .........," Jan said to Mike.
"My husband is getting depressed because none of his friends called him on his birthday. Little does he ........., we are all planning a massive surprise party for him," Marlena told Suzanne.
I have driven down many freeways and seen whole bags of trash dumped on the side of the road by ..........
He was used to being Number One in his work place. He had been the manager of the local store for ten years and was having a hard time transitioning from that job to being a small frog in a big ......... at Wal-Mart. The pay was better but it was strange for him.
"I don't personally agree with people who are allowed to grow medical marijuana. However, it is not my decision and while I don't agree with smoking pot, I have a live and let ......... mentality," Bette said to Jane.
"So all this time, I had the blade on my circular saw on backwards? No wonder it wasn't cutting too well. Oh well, live and ......... I guess," Tim said to Allen.
Life had been slow and easy in the small town where he and his wife lived and worked for the past five years. Now that they had moved to Los Angeles, he felt like they were living in the ......... lane. Everything about the city was fast and busy. Their life seemed to have accelerated quite a bit.
"My grandfather had quadruple-bypass heart surgery and the doctors told him he had a year to live. He is living on ......... time the surgery was ten years ago," Chris told Paul.
"I have had a good time on this business trip but I am looking forward to getting home. I have been living out of a ......... for the past three weeks and can't wait to see some of my other clothes," Matt said to Lisa.