ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (342)

"I can't keep staying out late at night. I have been out late three times already this week and I am ......... to a frazzle," Janice said to Jasmine.
"It is so hard to do anything with Shannon. She is such a .......... She asks a million questions that are all doom-related. For example "Are you sure your tires are good? I don't want to crash. Are you sure we won't get bitten by a wild animal on the hike? Are you sure we won't get sick from the food at the restaurant?" I have given up on inviting her to events," Shelly told Cara.
"Are you OK?" Paul asked Samuel when he fell down the stairs. "I am OK. My pride is hurt by I am none the ......... for wear," he replied.
"If he is worth his ......... he will give you a quote for how much it will cost. Good contractors can estimate how long it will take and what they will need to get the job done," John said to Jeff.
"Rhonda said that Kevin stole money from her. I wouldn't put it ......... him; he isn't a trustworthy guy," Shannon told Henrietta.
"That shed has so much rot in the walls that it will cost more to repair than to buy a new one. I wouldn't give him a ......... for it," Fred said to Bob.
"My boyfriend will buy me a new purse now that I have lost mine. He buys me what I asked him to; I have him wrapped around my .........," Lisa said to Jennifer.
"I have to go make some calls and you all have work to do so let's ......... this meeting up," the boss told the staff.
"Paul is way too wrapped ......... in himself. All he talks or cares about is himself," Sean said to Rick.
"The stupid caterpillars have ......... havoc with my garden," Beth said to Gina.