ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (224)

"I have to go to a social function at work and I don't want to go. I am too shy to enjoy one of those things. I will just stand in the corner the whole time. I can't ever think of what to say. I wish I had the ......... of gab like you; then I'd have no problem fitting in," Matt said to his sister.
"Mike made it through the month with no errors in his work and surpassed all of his timeliness goals. We are going to give him a gift certificate to Starbucks. Everyone ......... it up for Mike!" The manager told the staff.
"The presenters came a long way to give this presentation and they did a great job. Let's give them a .........," the manager told the staff and they all clapped.
"You might think you can easily beat Rick in the wrestling match but don't underestimate him. He always ......... as much as he gets," the trainer told Zachary.
"I am surprised that Shelly was willing to compromise. She usually doesn't give any ......... unless she is forced to by the boss," Mike said to Marcie.
"There must be a good reason that the police sent four officers out to my house at 3 o'clock in the morning. Please give it to me .......... Is everyone in my family OK?" Max asked the cops in his hotel room during the business trip.
"Hi Jake. I saw that your car won't start. Can I give you a ......... home?" Ray asked him.
"Let's go to a movie on Friday. Why don't you give me a ......... when you get off of work and we will meet for a movie," Grace said to Ellis.
"I wouldn't offer to help Steve seal his window. If you give him an ........., he'll take a mile. He will ask you to fix everything at his place and will call you for free work every other week," Jack told Miles.
"I thought about downloading free music from the Internet but the stories in the paper about kids getting prosecuted and fined huge sums is enough to give one .........," Joey said to Liam.