ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (214)

"I am sorry that my wife called you a jerk in front of everyone at the party. I talked to her about it. She is my wife, for better or for ........., so I would appreciate it if you didn't yell at her or insult her," Tim said to Fred.
"You are leaving me because I am gone too often? We have been married twenty years, for crying out .......... Surely we can work this out," Dan said to Shirley.
Dan was depressed and stayed in his house for days on ......... after Shirley left him.
He hung on to the marriage for ......... life and tried everything to keep her from leaving but she was adamant about getting divorced.
"Let's add two more screws for good .......... We probably don't need to add more but it is better to have too many than too few," Jack said to his son.
He fought with his wife for ......... on end about where they should live. She wanted to live in Sweden but he wanted to live in New York where there was a great job waiting for him. In the end, they decided not to move at all.
He quit immediately when they asked him to cook the books. He wouldn't lose his integrity for no ..........
"I understand that you are not in a position to buy another car right now but it is there for the ......... if you decide to buy one," James told his neighbors.
His wife was mad at him again. When he told her he had to do some work on the trip, she accused him of planning the whole vacation so that he could make some contacts in Hawaii. He countered by telling her that he arranged the vacation, for the most ........., to be with her and the kids. She didn't buy that, though.
"I tried to force the boss's ......... about giving me my overdue raise by telling him I knew about the personal gifts he bought for his wife on the company's expense account. He fired me because he said that he wouldn't be blackmailed," Lisa told Josh.