ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (193)

"You should go to the mall today. There are some good sales and some cut ......... deals on pants. I got two pairs for less than 50 percent of their original cost," Bart told Melissa.
"I asked you to correct the English errors in my paper not cut it to .......... You rewrote almost the whole paper and now it doesn't include the facts that prove my point," Jane told Irma.
"We have had to ......... our expenses to the bone since Jim lost his job. We have even gone so far as to start riding our bicycles to do errands to save money on gas," Laura told Tina.
I got in big trouble for ......... up during kitchen duty in Basic Training. I was restricted to the base and had to do extra duty.
"I am having a hard time with my girlfriend. First, she gets angry with me for not being supportive of her trying to lose weight. Then she gets mad at me for encouraging her to work out and says that I am implicitly calling her fat by suggesting that she should exercise. I'm damned if I do and damned if I .........," Robby told his best friend.
He was very happy that he had talked to Steve about being late. He thought that Steve would get angry and continue to be late but Steve had been ......... to a different tune ever since their discussion. He had been punctual for every engagement for the last two weeks.
He couldn't believe that his friend had backed out. He had ......... him to run through the abandoned house and his friend had accepted in front of all the neighborhood kids. Now, that he wasn't going to do it, the other kids that were present at the time, would think his friend was a wimp.
"Leave my house immediately, Jim. My wife told me that you hit on her and asked her to sleep with you. Get out of my house and never ......... my door again!" Matt yelled.
He always believed that he and his wife would be able to work through any problem that they encountered. Then, during their last fight, it ......... on him that they didn't agree on almost anything and that they would not be able to work things out between them.
"The act of marriage, in one form or another, dates ......... several thousand years," the history professor told the class.