ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (226)

"He was my best friend in the whole world. I would have given him the ......... off my back if he had needed it until he tried to sleep with my wife," Randall said to Thomas.
"Don't invite Paul to the movies with you. He always gives the show .......... Every time I have taken him with me, he tells me the end of the movie about half way through the show. That is no fun," Jay said to Logan.
"Thanks for waiting for me. I had to give my little brother the .......... He follows me everywhere and he would have ruined our fun if he had come. He tried to follow me but I tricked him," James told his friends.
"I was given to ......... that I would be promoted as soon as I finished training and met your expectations. I have been here six months three months after training ended and I have met every expectation. When am I going to be promoted?" Jeff asked the boss.
He really wanted to be the mayor of this town. He was poor when he was a kid so he wanted to give the poor people of the town a .......... He thought that a lot of their problems would decrease if someone was stuck up for them once in awhile.
He watched the political candidate ......... hand the crowd at one of his campaign stops. He looked like a nice guy but maybe a little fake.
He was lucky that the rock had only ......... off his head when it fell off the hill. He could have been seriously hurt by a more direct blow.
His wife tried to gloss ......... her increased drinking but, to him, it was a serious issue. She didn't even like alcohol in the past but she was now drunk most nights.
He was so close to finding a cure. He would surely go ......... in history as one of the greatest scientists the world had ever known if he could find a cure for cancer.
"Hey Kyle, I just bought a new truck. It is out in the parking lot. Want to go for a .........? We will only be gone for about twenty minutes," Jay said.