ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (446)

"All of this emotion and name-calling is not going to help us resolve our problem. Can we agree to stay ......... during these discussions?" the president of the Gem and Mineral club pleaded.
"After we're out of school, I think I want a job where I can really make a(n) .......... I want to be able to right some wrongs and help make this world a better place for our kids," Owen said to Raquel.
"No one cares about me. My boyfriend was late for our date and my best friend hasn't called me for a week," Jenna whined. Christa replied, "Oh, ......... me a river! You never call anyone and you're always an hour late."
"We're going to have to put our plans to go rafting on ......... for a little while, guys. I have to work the next three weekends," Joe apologized.
"On the ......... of it, it looks like a bad investment, but if we fix it up a little bit, we'll have essentially a new tractor for a fraction of the cost of a new one," John told his foreman.
"I didn't break the flower pot, Mom. I swear!" Johnny exclaimed. She replied, "Sure! I suppose it was the one-......... man! It was fine when I left, and you're the only one who's been here."
"Paul and Preston are in a contest of one-........., and since it is resulting in more productivity, I'm not going to say anything to them," the manager said to his assistant.
"Up until now, Ralph's been my friend, so I loaned him $50. Do you think he paid me back? No, he ......... me! And he moved to another city," George complained.
Just because we can genetically alter food doesn't mean that we know enough about it to start messing with something as important as our food supply. It's another example of man's ......... exceeding his grasp.
"Did you hear that Davis got arrested for drunk driving? He'll definitely spend some time in the ......... for that one," Ian said to Chris.