ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (163)

"Did you hear that the warehouse workers are trying to form a union at this company? That is sure to upset the ......... around here," Lisa told Linus.
"Something is wrong with my computer. Can you help me fix it?" Sarah asked Adam. He responded, "I will give it a good .........-over and I will find the problem. I will call you when it is fixed."
"When the boss told me I was fired, I couldn't believe my .......... I had never done anything wrong and I did so well in my performance evaluation," Rick said to Tim.
"I don't want to sell my car but I will as a last ......... — if we can't pay our bills," Max told his roommate.
"Do you have a circular saw I can borrow for the weekend? I am going to build a small shed," Tom asked his buddy. Tim replied, "As a matter of ........., I do. I am not sure where it is right now but I will find it and bring it to you at work tomorrow."
"I love this new wool jacket. It is as ......... as an old shoe," Jane told Eileen.
"What did you do today?" Mary asked her son, Tom. Tom replied, "I went to the fair for a few hours and, then, I went to a movie with Fred. That is all there is to tell — as far as that .........."
"What tools do I need for the job?" Derrick asked his friend. His friend replied, "The tools you need are as .........: a circular saw, a tape-measure, a T-square, a pencil, a drill and some square-drive screws."
"I went to Hawaii for a vacation and Hawaii is as ......... as it gets. Sun, beaches, warm weather, beautiful plants and warm water. What more could one ask for?" Linda said to Sean.
"Where did you get that wine barrel planter?" Jean asked. Linda said, "I worked for Mr. Marcus and he promised that if I completed the job by last Tuesday, he would give me the planter as a bonus. I finished last Tuesday and he was as good as his .........."