ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (243)

"I went to the local thrift store today and found a gently-used Tiffany lamp. The store obviously didn't know how much it was worth, and only charged me $15 for it. What a ......... of luck!" Maxine told Suzanne.
"My girlfriend's father is so mean. He refused to help her move out and he didn't give her any money while she was in college. He didn't even pay her the money he owed her for some work she did for him. If that isn't a man with a ......... of stone, I don't know who is," Carl told his mom.
"What are you going to buy Mark for his birthday? I know that his ......... is set on a new bicycle. He's been saving up for it, so I decided to buy it for him instead. Then he will have a new bike and some money," Luke said to Ellie.
He looked out the window on the day of the big game and his heart .......... Why did it have to rain, for the first time in months, on the last day of the Little League World Series?
I remember the first time I saw the Twin Towers fall down on TV. I hadn't heard about the incident and, at first thought, it looked like a scene from an up-and-coming movie. My heart stood ......... and my mouth opened in horror as I realized that the picture I was watching was real and it was not a special effect from a film.
"Elvis Presley was not much to look at in his later years but he was a ......... when he was young in my opinion," Jane said to Louisa.
"I know that you want to move in with your 16-year-old girlfriend, but you can't. You may think you like her now, but it is just puppy .......... If you still feel the same when you are eighteen, then you can. Do you still approve of the girls you liked when you were fourteen? Probably not," Randy's Dad told him.
"I took some of the soup I made last night with me to work and it really hit the spot. A good, warm, ......... soup in the winter can sure help fight off the cold," Mark told his wife.
"It makes me want to ......... up when child molesters get acquitted due to a technicality in the law," John said to his wife as they were watching the news.
"I really like San Francisco but there are so many bums there. I can guarantee that at least three homeless people will give you the ......... down as you are walking on any downtown street. It is sad," Jane said to Frank.