ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (379)

"I don't have the money to go to the movies with you right now. I'm saving ......... for a new bike," Robbie said to Jeff.
"Joe makes a lot of mistakes, and if he were anyone else, I would fire him. His saving ......... is that he genuinely cares about the customers," Mr Franklin said.
"Your friend Jack sure said a ......... when he described you as attractive. You're a knockout!!" Tom exclaimed to Gina.
"I know you don't want my advice, but I have to say my ........., or I won't be doing my job as a parent," Greg said to his daughter.
"You know that I'd come and work for you anytime you needed me. Just say the ........., and I'll quit my job and help you," Jimmy assured his dad.
"What outside assurance can you offer that I'll make money on this transaction? Buying a house just to resell it is too big of a risk to undertake on your .........-so alone," Ben said to Isaac.
"John has some cool things in his house. For instance, he has a scaled-......... model of a Shelby Cobra with amazing detail," Chris said to Paul.
"Last night, I heard someone walking around in my yard, and I was scared out of my .......... I called the police and it turned out that it wasn't anyone at all; it was a big raccoon," Lilly said to Pauline.
"Can you do my wiring today?" Al asked. Chris responded, "If I can ......... up some connectors, I'll do the job today. If I can't, we'll have to wait until I can find some."
"I don't want to bring Joe on our rafting trip. He's a scaredy-.......... He'll spend the whole time whining about the danger of hitting a rock or drowning in the current," Liam said to Bill.