ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (204)

"I got yelled at by my boss again today but I just dusted it .......... I know that the reason I got yelled at is not my fault," Karen told her mom.
"You are going to have to find a job if you want to live here. You don't have to pay much but you do have to ......... your keep," Matt's dad told him.
"I was so embarrassed today. My boss complimented me in front of everyone and my ......... started to burn. Then, the person next to me noticed and said something. Then, everyone had to take a look!" Jane told her husband.
"John, Melissa is trying and we can all see that. Maybe you could ......... up on her a bit? I think she will do great around here once she gets the hang of things," Gina told the boss.
"Be careful, Lee. Don't hit the nails on the window too hard or it will break. Remember, easy ......... it," Bill told him.
"Why don't you take the landscaping job? I know the family and they pay high and expect very little. It is ......... money, trust me," Ashley said to Adam.
"I like Ed. He is very ......... and is very caring," Beth told Chris.
"I didn't think that I would be bothered by your brother's rude comments but I am. His comments have been ......... away on me ever since we saw him last. I am going to have to say something to him," Luke said to Rachel.
"I like it when Steve comes over to spend the night. He is a nice kid. However, he is getting expensive. Every time he comes over, he eats us out of house and .........," Linda said to Rose.
"I think the boss will grant my request for a transfer. I will compliment him first he has a big ego- and he will be ......... out of my hand in no time," Lisa said to Alice.