ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (321)

"Sergeant Wilson challenged my ideas about how to train the company and I sure put him in his .......... I reminded him that I outrank him and that he knows about telephone systems and nothing about leading troops," First Sergeant Kent told Sergeant Major O'Brian.
"Your story of your hike in Mexico calls to ......... the time we were hiking in South Korea and my shoes fell apart. No one ever forgets something like that for some reason," Brain said to Paul.
"Wow, is my roommate ever mad at me. He and his girlfriend started talking about politics and the military and, of course, I had to put in my two ......... worth. He said that I made him look stupid in front of her. I didn't mean to make him sound ignorant but he was wrong," Paul said to Ned.
"Look at that idiot on the motorcycle popping a wheelie right by the police department. I wouldn't be putting on the ......... like that in front of the police," Ryan said to Steven.
"You can move the pump out of the way. You just have to put your ......... into it," Sergeant Walter told Specialist Henning when he saw him attempt to move the pump they were using to pull the water out of manholes.
"I have been working this lousy desk job for the past eight months. They put me out of ......... after my heart attack. I can't retire for two more years. I guess I'll be stuck in this job until I retire," Detective O'Malley said to detective Hartford.
Johnny and Grant made a bet about which one of them would score the most points in the semi-final basketball game. They were both currently tied at 15 points apiece. Johnny shot a three-point shot with less than 15 seconds left in the game. He turned to Grant and said, "Hah! I've won the bet. Put that in your ......... and smoke it!"
"I am sorry, Tim. I can't loan you any money right now. Paul just put the ......... on me for $40 and now I am broke until Thursday," Matt told him.
"My steaks turned out OK after I barbequed them but my friend Paul's barbequed steaks put mine to .........," Chris told Beth.
"I like our economics class but the teacher is so boring. He almost put me to ......... the last class," Bill told Brian.