ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (239)

"I know that you want to go to Harvard Law School but we can't afford it. Will you stop being so ......... and at least discuss other options with me? There are many other law schools that we could afford," Amy said to Jackson.
Before the two started on building the deck, they decided that they should ......... out some plans first.
He knew that he should go ......... in hand back to the office to ask for his old job back. Unfortunately, his pride was getting the best of him and he was rapidly deciding that since his boss was wrong, he would wait until the boss called to apologize.
"The interview for the job with the CIA was horrible. They raked me over the ......... for at least three hours and wanted answers about everything I had ever done wrong," Max told his wife.
"Thank you for taking me to the concert. I had a .........," Cheryl said to Adam.
"Your grandfather had a ......... in your getting that car for that cheap. The person that sold it to you is one of his old friends and he called in a favor. I don't know why he didn't tell you while he was still alive but I thought you should know," Kathy told Zeke.
"Is there anyone who wants to try knocking out the boxing champion? If anyone can knock him out, they get $100," the announcer said. "I'll have a .........," Nick shouted and ran up to the ring.
"I know that you want Ted to join the army but he has a ......... of his own. He has never wanted to join and you can't make him," Beth told her husband.
"I don't know if you want my help on putting in your bathtub. I have a ......... idea about how it should be done but I have only helped with one before. I would recommend calling a professional," Ross said to Frank.
"Don't pick out the new paint for the bedroom while I am away on the business trip. I want to have a ......... in what color of paint we buy," Cheryl said to Mike.