ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (101)

He hadn't heard from his son in months and it was his fault. When his son had voiced a legitimate concern about passing Basic Training he had told him "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the .........," Not the most understanding thing to say.
He knew his dad didn't like his friends since they had been in trouble with the law. His father told him "if you fly with the ........., you get shot with the (...)," but he just couldn't see how he would get in trouble just by hanging out with them.
He had been arrested as an accomplice to robbery simply because his friends, who he was going to a movie with at the time, had robbed someone earlier that day. He remembered what his grandma used to say about keeping company with the wrong sort: "if you lie down with the dogs, you get up with .........."
"Let's just assume, for the purpose of this conversation, if you ........., that Mr. Jones did rob the store," the defense attorney said before starting his argument.
He felt ......... at ease every time he saw Mrs. Collins. She had once accused him of attacking her daughter and, even though the attacker had been caught, things had never been the same.
"If you are found guilty of dealing drugs or laundering money, the courts may take all of your assets if they believe that those assets were paid for with ill-gotten .........," the Law professor told her class.
"Hi, Bro. I need you to loan me one hundred dollars. I am really in a .......... I don't get paid until next week and I am short on my rent. I had to pay for my transmission to get fixed this week and had to pay the doctor I saw a month ago," Jake said to his brother.
"My front tire popped, and in a ........., I was off the road in a ditch. Miraculously, I am fine and so is my car, other than the tire," Cat told her boyfriend.
"I am sorry I messed up especially after you just told me what to do. I have been in a ......... all morning it won't happen again," John nervously said to his supervisor when she caught his mistake.
"You are at the hospital with Mom? I will be there in a ......... I am leaving work right now and am very close to the hospital," Derek said to Larissa.