ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (436)

"You might want to be more polite when addressing the managers at the meeting. You ruffled a few ......... last time when you interrupted some of the them," Dana told Frank.
"I'm not completely sold on your plan, but I'm not ready to rule it ......... either. I just need some more information," Mr. Williams said to Todd.
"Dan talks big, but we all know who rules the .......... He has to ask his wife for permission to make plans, spend money, or rearrange things," Adam said to Dina.
"Hi Adam. I was at the thrift store and I ran ......... a used router, so I bought it for you, since you mentioned needing one," Chris said over the phone.
"We aren't making any progress; we're just running around like ......... with our heads cut off. Let's get organized," Chris said to his team.
"I'm fairly good at plumbing, but if you need someone to do some carpentry, you should ask my brother. He ......... circles around me when it comes to that," Chris told Derrick.
"We have so many bills this month! We have to get our car fixed, and our well has run .......... Drilling a new one is going to cost me $8,000," Ron said to Bill.
"The doctor said there's nothing we can do for Jimmy since it's a virus. We should just give him plenty of water, make sure he rests a lot, and let the sickness run its .........," Rachel said to her friend.
"We thought we'd found a treatment for pancreatic cancer, but now we've run into a brick .......... It only works on mice, not on humans," Dr. Bertram told the head of the research center.
"These 17-hour shifts are running me into the .......... I can't take much more of this. I could barely get up this morning," Bill told his pal.