ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (403)

"I know you're looking for a fight, but I'm not going to ......... with you today. I'm not going to talk about it anymore!" Ted said to his old friend.
"Want to go bowling tonight?" Joe asked Lisa and Tom. Lisa replied, "We'd love to," but Tom cautioned, "......... for yourself. I have a meeting tomorrow and need to do some preparing for it tonight."
"I can't stand Joey. He always crashes our parties and doesn't bring anything," Shelly said. Zack replied, "Speak of the .......... There's Joey now."
"I like Ashley; we speak the same .......... She likes what I like, and we have the same views on most things," Linda said to Chris.
"The fact that he didn't cheat on his wife when he had the chance on his business trip speaks ......... to me about what kind of person he is," the boss said to his assistant.
"He must be an alright guy. Our manager ......... well of him, and she doesn't say anything good about hardly anyone," Shelly said to Jessica.
"I already told you that the report had to be in at five o'clock. Was that hard to understand? What did you want me to do, ......... it out for you?" the boss shouted.
"The boss mentioned going on a trip to Shanghai. That spells ......... for us, I think. Our jobs could easily be outsourced to China. I hope that's not why she's going," Bill said to Ellis.
"Mom, is it OK if Stevie ......... the night tonight? We could rent a movie, and I promise we'll be in bed by eleven o'clock," Nick said.
"I still can't go out with you, even though I just got paid. I don't have any spending .......... All of it has to go to bills," Jerry explained to Aaron.