ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (138)

"Expect to be sore tomorrow. This has been a much longer run than you are probably used to but no pain, no .........," the drill sergeant told the recruits.
"The police are on their way. Once they get here, we will give them no .......... Am I clear?" The drug lord asked his cohorts.
"There is no ......... that I want to buy a classic car but not at the expense of the company. I haven't stolen anything from them. I'm a loyal and honest employee," Matt told the cops.
He read the warranty agreement carefully and found that if he had a problem with the camera, he could return it and get a new one with no questions .......... Since the warranty indicated that the company would stand by their products, he decided to buy the camera.
He was reasonably certain that his next-door neighbor was selling illicit drugs. People came and went at all hours of the day and night and none stayed for longer than fifteen minutes. He knew that the traffic didn't necessarily make his neighbor a drug dealer but he believed that where there's ......... there's fire.
"Will has absolutely no .......... The boss called Will into his office and yelled at him because his team is behind schedule. I don't know where the boss heard that but it isn't true we are right on track. Instead of standing up to the boss and telling him that, he apologized for our poor performance!" Gina told Lynn.
"You are getting old! You are already tired and we just began planting these flowers fifteen minutes ago!" Beth said to Gracie. Gracie replied, "You are no spring ......... yourself and let me remind you that just last week you had to cancel our card game to take a nap!"
"For your birthday, I am going to sell you my car. I know you don't have the money so I am going to loan the money to you, interest free, with no ......... attached," his father's best friend told him on his seventeenth birthday.
"Ever since school started, I have no ......... to play the guitar. I really miss playing my guitar," Joey told Nate.
"Hi, Jim. You asked if I could help you change your living room window. Let's go do it. There is no time like the .........," Jacob said.