ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (77)

"Tom just told me about a lot of personal issues he's dealing with right now. He said that he didn't want advice — he just wanted to get some things off of his .........," Larry said to Kim.
"I think that you should update your resume and research your options — if you get my .........," Wesley said to Kim when she asked if he thought she would get fired soon or not.
He couldn't wait until his company got off the ......... and started turning a profit. He would then be able to quit his second job after his company started making a profit.
"The new guy is starting to get on my .......... Every time I bump into him, he starts bragging about his car which isn't that nice," Millie said to Lauren.
"Our Accounting professor got on his ......... again today about the importance of using ethics to preserve our financial system. He talked about it for at least an hour," Curt told Jake.
"You sure got up on the ......... side of the bed today. You have been crabby since you got up and you keep picking fights with me," Jacob told his wife.
"I had to go back to work for the hospital. The funding for the research I was doing got the ......... due to government budget cuts," Dr. Shelly told her friend.
"Now that we have a plan of action, let's implement it and get the ......... rolling," the boss told his team.
"I got the ......... light from my boss to start the research I have wanted to do for years. I am so happy!" Max said to Mike.
"I have been in drug rehabilitation for the past three months. I had a ......... on my back the last time you saw me but it is gone now," Lisa told Rick.