ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (275)

"I was going to fire you but I changed my mind. You can thank your ......... stars that you are friends with my boss and that he was willing to come in and vouch for you," Bill told Ryan.
"My parents received my report card yesterday and I know that I did very poorly. I have been waiting since yesterday afternoon for them to ......... the boom on me for my bad grades. I hope I don't get grounded all summer long," Davie said to Steve.
"Have you seen the movie The Notebook? It is very good but it is sad. I had a ......... in my throat by the time it was over," Zack said to Jesse.
"The lottery offers two options: you can elect to get paid in a ......... sum of $400,000 or you can elect to receive $30,000 a year until you reach one million dollars. Which would you choose?" Irma asked her brother. He responded, "I would choose the $400,000. What if I died next year?"
"If you ever decide to sell your Shelby Cobra, let me know. I have been ......... after your car for the longest time," Rick said to Stanley.
"Everything about our renovations has been hard. For instance, the drain pipe coming from behind the tub was not a standard size since the tub we bought is deeper than a regular one. We had to get one made to ........., which as you can imagine, was quite a bit more than buying a mass-produced one off the shelf," Dave told Zeke.
"Why do you have that wishful look on your face? Are you waiting for a magic ......... to take you out of here? If so, you are going to be waiting a long time like me," Harris said to Jenny with a smile.
As he entered the main ......... of the town, he thought to himself that the town was just the right size for him. Not too big so that the traffic was horrible but not too small either.
It is one of the best examples of irony I can think of right now. The fact that the ship Titanic was said to be unsinkable and it sank on its ......... voyage.
There is a giant redwood tree in Humboldt County, California that you can drive through. One has to be careful, though, because, even in a small car, it is a tight ..........